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Via F. Baracca 17 30030 Olmo di Martellago (VE) Italy

Technological systems and mechatronic integrations

MF MARCHIORI deals with integration and improvement systems for handling machinery and industrial systems. It updates existing systems with synchronization controls, centralized diagnostics, and other performance improvement systems of plant and machinery systems.

ANTI-COLLISION: Crane anti-collision systems on several levels, protective anti-collision of fixed infrastructure.

SYNCHRONIZATION: Operational integrations for synchronized movements (tandem control).

CONTROL: Optimization of local control systems (operator cabins and control rooms) and remote control systems (remote controls).

DIAGNOSTICS: centralized and interactive diagnostics systems, web remote assistance.

EXPERIMENTATION: development of systems, technological and experimental systems, test benches, dynamometric systems.

RESEARCH: development and construction of prototypes in collaboration with research institutions.